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Agent/Company Issues

Insureds May be Cooling to Digital Claims Experience  This article claims that insureds wants face-to-face relationships. They're tired of doing things digitally as they've had to do during the past two years. Could this be the turn around we need to show the importance of agents in the field?   11/23/21

Large Insurers Embrace Digital Exchanges, Selling Their Own and Other Policies. Quote from the article:  "The industry has been moving away from "captive" agents who sell only one firm's policies, but digital exchanges are accelerating the trend, said Matt Leonard, an Oliver Wyman partner who works on insurance." NAAFA members have seen this writing on the wall for several years. Now it's all out in the open. Captive companies will keep a few "chosen" agencies in each state, and somehow, terminate the rest. Get ready because another wave of 6-month letters has gone out!".   9/7/21

CEOs May Be Personally Liable for Independent Contractor Misclassification  This is a recent article in Lock Lord's Independent Contractor Misclassification & Compliance Blog. In it, the writer notes that recently "a court denied a motion to dismiss claims against the CEO of a company alleged to have misclassified workers as independent contractors, thereby exposing him to the potential for individual liability." Quite an interesting topic you might want to read about.  8/16/21

Notice From Crueger Dickenson Law Firm Regarding JAMMAL V AMERICAN FAMILY: We have filed a second Petition for a Writ of Certiorari based on the Sixth Circuit's failure to consider an appeal over which it had jurisdiction. The Petition further seeks review of the Sixth Circuit's original decision based on the intervening Supreme Court authority and the other errors contained in that opinion. If the petition is granted, we will be able to fully present arguments as to why the Sixth Circuit's decision should be reversed. The grant of this petition is discretionary and there is no timetable as to when the Court will rule on the petition.  8/14/21

Insurer Begins Accepting Cryptocurrency For Premium Payments:  It appears many financial firms still see cryptocurrency as risky.  6/29/21

Allstate Facing Lawsuit from Agents' Group Allstate's agent association, NAPAA, has apparently "had it" with their company's denigrating of their Exclusive Agent members. The charges in this case seem totally familiar to NAAFA members, for the most part. To us it seems redundant to 'hit the hand that feeds you.' Look no further than at the percentage of revenue brought into a captive company by its captive or exclusive agency force. What has happened to loyalty?  5/20/21

2020 AMFAM CORPORATE SALARIES Here they are! And Jack has done it again….taken a salary increase of $1,107,984. In fact, the top 10 corporate officers have all seen generous increases in their annual incomes. It's been a great year for the insurance company, evidently. Has it been a great year for all who work for this company? It appears the agents wouldn't agree. See more in the next issue of The NAAFA Report.  5/5/21

President Biden's Insurance Comments: In a recent CNN Town Hall, President Biden linked insurance pricing to racial inequities. Does that sound familiar what happened several years ago in the Milwaukee area? Sounds like 'red-lining' is alive and well. Click on the link to see the article as published in the National Underwriter.  4/29/21

Insurance Agency Staffs Remain Positive Even Though Pay is Down: One thing we learned in basic insurance training is that people will always need insurance. Now we know that's true as we have seen it through out he COVID pandemic. Lucky to be working in the insurance field, aren't we? 4/22/2021

Auto Ins Shopping Surged during 2020 Pandemic but Little Brand Differentiation Apparent J.D.Power posted their rankings, showing Liberty Mutual and State Farm as ranking highest in a tie among large insurers. American Family ranked highest among midsize insurers. In judging, J.D.Power found these companies provided the most satisfying purchase experience. It's good to know that agents are still very valuable to an insurance company's success although sometimes we wonder whether they realize it or not. 4/29/2021

Insurance Agency Staffs Remain Positive Even Though Pay is Down: One thing we learned in basic insurance training is that people will always need insurance. Now we know that's true as we have seen it through out he COVID pandemic. Lucky to be working in the insurance field, aren't we? 4/22/2021

Allstate Announces $2.8B Sale of Life Insurance Company CEOs can make almost any move seem justified! CEO Tom Wilson referred to a "strategy to grow market share in personal lines property/casualty and the need to unlock deployable capital to support P/C business." Think that one over!!  1/27/2021

Auto Insurers Accused of Failing to Respond Adequately & Profiting during Pandemic Greed sure seems to be the #1 illness of most large corporations, and evidently very true of some insurance companies. NAAFA has received many calls from agents who are complaining about the 10% premium discounts American Family is giving. Why are the agents complaining? Because the premium discount is coming right out of their pockets in the form of less commission, and this ultimately affects their Termination Benefits. So the company shows huge profits because people aren't driving as much during the pandemic, but they turn around and steal from the agents to fund their so-called "generous" premium discount.  12/22/2020

Top 10 US Auto Insurance Companies Based on Customer Experience  Where's American Family? One would wonder whether customers' opinions are important to the company or not. Agents will tell you customers' opinions are vital to the success of both their agencies and the company! 11/3/2020

State Farm Acquires Texas Nonstandard Auto Insurer GAINSCO: Does this sound familiar? State Farm has bought an insurance company that has independent agents who will most likely have rates that undersell State Farm's faithful captive agents' rates. AmFam's Connect, (formerly Ameriprise sold at Costco) we're told, undersells AmFam's captive agents' rates by several hundred a year. It does appear the captives realize independent is the way to go. 9/19/2020

ForeverCar—Agents are hopping mad!  The latest cruel thing AmFam is doing to agents now is asking them to support a product that is being marketed by the company directly to the agents' customers, a product the agents themselves cannot sell. It's like asking agents to pay for the noose that is going to be used to hang them! 7/24/2020

Nationwide Transition to Indep Agency Ins Complete When you read that Nationwide's new written premium (driven by independent agents) has increased 35% since their announcement in 2018 that it would make this transition, one has to wonder whether or not AmFam might be planning a similar strategy. The article states that more than 99% of their former captive agents decided to join Nationwide's independent agency channel and continue their relationship with the company. 6/30/2020

AMFAM CORPORATE SALARIES FOR 2020—Just in! The attached document is in the format that NAAFA received it from the WI Department of Insurance. Please note you will find not only the latest salaries (2020) for executives, but also board member salaries. If you scroll further , you will see a salary comparison for the past three years for the executives. In the next issue of The NAAFA Report, we will try to provide our readers with a comparison of AmFam salaries with other captive companies. 5/5/2020

As most of you know, the US Supreme Court decided not to hear the Jammal v American Family case. And as you also must know, thousands of agents are very disappointed, especially knowing that the misclassification (yes, we still believe we are) will continue and there appears there is nothing we can do about it. We all gave it our best shot. The evidence was there, but the appellate court decided to ignore the evidence. We wish to thank the plaintiff attorneys for their long, hard work on this case. We also wish to thank all the hundreds of agents and others who contributed time, information and documents proving the misclassification. Please remember that these agents are strong, ethical people. They will not give up in their pursuit of fairness and uprightness. NAAFA supports our members. We stand bold! 12/26/2019

Allstate Plans to Retire Struggling Esurance They say it will "free up substantial money for marketing and compensation for agents." Let's see if they really will give the agents more compensation. Does it ever happen in the captive world?? 12/20/2019

Keith Ellison asks FTC to ban employers' noncompete clauses Take a look at the states that have signed on to this, including Wisconsin. Is Keith going to get some static from AmFam on this one?? 11/19/2019

How Small Businesses Are Training for Active Shooters It's sad that we have to even think this way, but do you and your staff know what to do if an irate customer or former employee turns 'assailant' and decides to "get even" by entering your office workplace and begin shooting? Several companies are mentioned in this article that provide staff training in emergency situations. Please Read Carefully! 8/27/2019

State Legalizes Assisted Suicide - but Questions Over Whether Insurance Will "Do the Right Thing":  Maine became the 8th state to legalize medically assisted suicide (following CA, CO, HI, OR, VT, WA, NJ) Many feel assisted suicide is a dangerous public policy that puts vulnerable people at risk for abuse, coercion and mistakes. It also, some say, provides profit-driven insurance companies perverse incentives to offer a quick death, rather than costly continuing quality care. Wow! Something to think about, right? 6/13/2019

ALERT: Three Captive Insurance Companies Are Being Sued For Misclassifying Agents As Independent Contractors: Don't miss this article. We think it's time everyone hears about what is going on. Read about the three class actions, all for the same cause, filed against American Family, Farmers, and State Farm. Does this send a message? 4/23/2019

American Family Insurance to Acquire Ameriprise Auto & Home for $1 Billion: The changing face of AmFam continues to undermine the independent contractor status of the agents. One wonders what they have in mind for their captive agents' futures. 4/2/2019

What's the Future of Agent Distribution? By Andrea Wells It might surprise you to find that some experts are predicting a very bright future for insurance agents. Yes, captive companies are reducing their captive agent pool, but they may be forgetting the importance in the consumer's eyes of a local brand. Agents can and do adapt to the needs of their customers, including those who want to interact via mobile devices and online. Beware, insurance companies, because agents still control the market and you may find your future is still in their hands! 2/4/2019

The Wealth Gap and Miller Park's Deal: Well, they've done it again. Of course there's no limit to how deep AmFam's pockets are because they're robbing their agents to get it. Believe us when we say that daily we hear from agents who are screwed out of not only thousands of dollars, but are having their whole agencies taken away from them. It's absolutely outrageous, and Bruce Murphy points it out very well in this article. It is simply hypocritical that the company can brag about it's agents and yet treat them so horribly. As we have said many times ... the dream they say they are protecting is the agents' nightmare! 1/25/2019

Insurance Agents Assured of Trump Pass-Through Tax Break under Final Treasury Rule: Wow, at last a break for insurance agents! A 20% deduction, referred to as the Section 199A deduction, is available for the first time on 2018 federal income tax returns. This 20% deduction was designed to target small businesses that don't benefit from the Trump tax law's reduction in the top corporate rate from 35 percent to 21 percent. GOOD NEWS. 1/25/2019

Wisconsin's Next Governor Picks Insurance Commissioner: And guess who it is?? American Family's own Mark Afable. We'll let you imagine the implications of this one. 12/29/2018

Will State Farm's "no Al" words come back to haunt the company? Of course, we agents here are AmFam would have to agree with State Farm, but one must ask whether or not we are really seeing the writing on the wall. How important is a compassionate, human agent whose rates are so high the customer won't buy anyway? Could the captive agent be backed into the corner when he only has one company to sell for? 10/31/2018

Prudential Joins Direct-To-Consumer Movement: Attention "captive agents:" If you think this isn't a trend, you're sadly mistaken. Does the wise agent make the shift to independent now, or wait till his captive company shuts him down? 9/4/2018

State Farm Agrees to Pay $250 Million, Avoids Racketeering Trial: Moral of the story is "don't ever assume the judge hasn't been bought off." This whole saga seems once again to show how often insurance companies get by with just a slap to the hand. Meanwhile, policyholders continue to be hurt. 9/4/2018

Class Action Settlement Insurance: Hmmm! Don't you wonder if American Family has this? Here's hoping they have a need for it soon!! 8/31/2018

U.S. Appeals Court Takes Up American Family Agent/Employee Clasification Case: No answers just yet on this decision that will certainly impact many agents and their families. Employee-type control at AmFam has been extremely evident for years and years, according to the complaints the NAAFA office receives. Recently, we learned that agents were mistreated as far back as the late 1970s, information that is new even to us. We pray that the appellate judges will open their eyes to this abuse. NAAFA members can read more in our members-only column, Directly to Members, Directly from NAAFA. 8/3/2018

Nationwide Hit With Agent Lawsuit Over Business Model: It appears captive agents at Nationwide aren't at all happy about their choices for getting their book of business back after being shoved out.  7/18/2018

ALERT! Do Advance Commissions apply to your Termination Benefit Package? NAAFA has suspected for quite some time that the Advance Commissions/renewals are not being applied to the formula for determining your Termination Package amount. ALERT! Click on the link to see the announcement about this important issue.  6/21/2018

American Family, Main Street America Reveal Plans to Merge: The combining of captive and independent agents ... what a concept, but is it going out of style? Think "Nationwide!!"  5/4/2018

Why Independent Agents Remain Alive and Well: NAAFA certainly agrees with the author here who says insurance agents are NOT going away. Gotta love it!!  4/30/2018

Independent Contractor Bombshell for CA Businesses: CA Supreme Court Curtails the Lawful Use of ICs It seems the environment is still ripe for ruling against the misclassification of independent contractors. CA now joins MA by adopting a 3-point factor test to determine how workers are to be classified. This new ABC test presumes all workers to be employees unless they perfectly fit this 3-point factor test. A fascinating read!!   4/30/2018

Nationwide Switching to Independent Agency Distribution Model by 2020 Of course, the question being asked, "Is this because of the Jammal v AmFam misclassification case?"   4/17/2018

Agent Responds to the Green Beret Sgt    4/6/2018

Agent Responds to "Writer Who Chooses to Minimize the Hurt of Terminated Agents"    3/15/2018

Writer Chooses to Minimize the Hurt of Terminated Agents! All Comments Are Appreciated.   2/26/2018

Top 10 Employment Discrimination Charges in 2017: 84,254 workplace discrimination charges were filed with the EEOC in 2017. Read about the different types here   2/16/2018

Age Discrimination Suit Focuses on Facebook Ads Allowing Employers to Target Younger Workers No matter how you look at it, age discrimination is a big issue with some companies. They hire and fire certain people in certain age brackets. And often, they get by with it. Sad!   12/22/2017

CEO Says Insurers Should Strive to be Loved: You gotta read this. To reach this goal one must really have to have faith….in something!! Not sure what. Let NAAFA know what you think. Is this a realistic goal?  12/14/2017

Class Action Lawsuit Filed: Farmers Agents have filed a Class Action lawsuit against Farmers Insurance Exchanges claiming that the agents are misclassified as independent contractors when in reality they are being treated as employees. Sound familiar? The case has been filed by Crueger Dickinson LLC, the same law firm that is handling Jammal v American Family. Be sure to read the actual lawsuit papers filed at the website.  12/5/2017

Federal Court Rules Against Classification of Captive Agents as Independent Contractors Sort of interesting how the Big "I" wrote this article up. Many news outlets are carrying this story each with their own slant. And so we wait to hear whether the appellate court will hear the case or not. NAAFA members will be the first to know. Check our member-side by using your password.  9/7/2017

Farmers Insurance Exchange must make refunds to 1,600 drivers: Makes you wonder whether insurance companies will try anything thinking they probably won't get caught. Sad thing is, most of the time, they don't. Well, this time they did.  8/17/2017

Where are the Thought Leaders in the Insurance Industry?  The author made a good point here when he noticed that the insurance industry doesn't seem to produce any leadership people with opinions and ideas that might be pertinent to those discussing the emerging risk issues of today. He also points out that young mental gymnasts don't seem to be attracted to the insurance field because the industry seems to be portrayed as , shall we say, boring? An interesting read.  7/7/2017

UBER'S Former CEO & Current Chairman of the Board Sued Personally for Independent Contractor Misclassification:  When advisors of a company willfully misclassify employees as independent contractors, it appears there are other ways to seek restitution. You might be interested in reading about this case. Having an arbitration clause in a contract might encourage misclassified workers to personally sue those in charge, but even without such a clause in one's contract, this alternate avenue presents an interesting backup means for misclassified workers to seek restitution, doesn't it?  6/24/2017

The Greed of American Family  You won't want to miss this one! This is a very recent article written by Bruce Murphy of the Urban Milwaukee. It might just spark your interest. The article seems to throw a clear beam of light on what has really been happening over the years. You might want to read the comments at the end of the article, too. Or better yet, add some of your own.   4/4/2017

Following are several links to news releases that have come out regarding the recent jury decision in the Jammal v American Family class action trial. Each news article adds a bit of a different slant to the report. Check some of the "comments" at the end of some of the articles, especially the Insurance Business article. 4/21/2017
Insurance Industry Jobs Among the Most Stressful: Study  Interesting article, but it's not telling us anything we don't already know. You may want to go to the link in the article "ranking No. 2 in a recent study" where it says stress "all depends on the prevailing workplace culture, leadership, workload demands and a host of other factors." Some report to us that we have them all!!  4/17/2017

Former AIG Chairman Greenberg Admits to Wrongdoing in Longstanding N.Y. Fraud Lawsuit  Is it the type of business that attracts corruption or is it that corrupt people are attracted to the insurance industry? Either way, it sure seems like we're hearing about a lot of it in this area.   2/13/2017

Concerning Agents' Email Regarding Ethics Survey:  It has been reported that AmFam agents have received on or about January 9, 2017, an email asking them to participate in an anonymous survey with subject matter being, "The Current Culture and Practices related to Ethics and Compliance." You are given until January 20th to respond. Many have reported to this office that corruption rampantly abounds within the company. Listen closely. Now is your chance (some would argue it's even your obligation, perhaps) to let the company know how aware you are of the excessive amount of corruption you know exists within the corporate walls of the company you work for. It appears this is a 2016 American Family Compliance and Ethics Leadership survey by CEB Corporate Leadership Council out of Arlington, VA.   1/10/2017

How Layoffs Hurt Companies  We have seen hundreds of "layoffs" (well, terminations and forced retirements, if you want to get technical!!) at AmFam. This article points out some of the harmful effects of laying off people. One of the quotes the article uses is "Firms that are laying off are almost by definition in trouble." By Peter Cappelli. Interesting observation? You decide!!   12/12/2016

Jammal, et al.v.American Family Ins. Group, et al   The class is being notified by Kurtzman Carson Consultants (KCC) of College Station, TX of their right to "Stay in this lawsuit" or "Get out of this lawsuit." The case will proceed to trial on January 23, 2017 at 8:30 AM in the Carl B. Stokes U.S. Court House in Cleveland, Ohio. You may read more about the case by clicking on the court case above.  11/25/2016

MUTUAL HOLDING COMPANY: A Shell Game  NAAFA received the link to this article just recently with a note that we should 'get this out to everyone' and that is just what we're doing. Although written back in 2001 when Liberty Mutual was going the holding-company reorganization route, what the author has written here is perhaps a real eye-opener. Here's one sentence from the article that might peak your interest: “So what's wrong with what Liberty Mutual wants to do? Nothing, if you're a fan of legalized bait-and-switch schemes.” More on this on the member-side. See Message #12  10/10/2016

State Farm accused of bankrolling judge to throw out $1B case against company.  Some State Farm customers claim the company conspired to help elect an Illinois Supreme Court candidate so he could vote to throw out a $1B award against the company. [Read more on this on the MEMBER-SIDE under Directly to Members ll Directly from NAAFA]  10/3/2016

The FedEx Driver Who Sued and Won:  For those interested in a case not completely unlike Jamal vs American Family (class action) please read this catch-up article. The dispute is whether the FedEx drivers are employees or independent contractors.  8/25/2015

Companies must Report CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio under new SEC Rule: Oh, oh!! This should prove interesting since one of the hottest topics of discussion lately has been CEO compensation. One would disparage 'cooking-the-books' to justify one's salary, wouldn't one?  8/6/2015

Labor Dept's 6-Part Test for Classifying Employees, Indep. Contractors: New guidelines for classifying workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) has been issued by the US Dept of Labor. As our readers know, the question of whether AmFam agents are independent contractors or employees is a hot issue right now. The Insurance Journal has summarized this for you, but the original memo can be found at   7/20/2015

Why McKinsey's Prediction of Demise of Independent Agents is 'Dead Wrong'!  If you haven't been watching these comments by the independents regarding the controversial McKinsey Report, McKinsey Report you are not keeping up with what's going on in the insurance world. (AmFam uses McKinsey as a consultant.) Here is quite an interesting response to the McKinsey Report just hot off the press. You need to read it carefully. It may open your eyes to the security of your own future. 10/29/2013

12 Agents' Thoughts on their Futures in the Industry!  12 independent agents sound off about The McKinsey Report ... (that their futures are limited). AmFam agents need to sound off, too. Changes being made (by AmFam presumably as a result of their agreement with the McKinsey Report,) are causing heartache and great inconvenience for AmFam agents. 10/17/2013

Top-Ranked Carriers Build Agent Satisfaction into Culture!  Which consultant should AmFam have hired? Mckinsey or Deep Customer Connections? (Remember, they hired McKinsey!!) Deep Customer Connections, we're told in this article, has a niche focus on building a better relationship between carriers and independent agents. This idea seems to be in direct contrast to the philosophy of the McKinsey group. Read it for yourselves….you decide. 10/17/2013

McKinsey to Agents: Adapt or Find Another Line of Work!  Well, this article has caused a lot of uproar with insurance agents across America, and it's not hard to see why. McKinsey compares today's insurance agents' futures to those of yesterday's travel agents…..almost gone! What's your opinion? Is AmFam drinking McKinsey's Kool-Aid? 10/16/2013 is a site where customers can post their thoughts regarding their insurance companies. See what customers are saying about American Family. Scroll down to get the most recent comments.  11/15/2010

Want to “vent” about your job or company? is the place to do it. Read what others are saying, also.  7/23/2010

Did you know copiers have hard drives?  
Information that you copy could fall into the hands of the wrong people, particularly the company you lease your copier from. Agents BEWARE!  5/16/2010

What Every Agent and Customer Should Know About Clue Reports!  1/23/2010

IRS Private Letter Rulings!
        American Family agents, and other captive agents, are considered independent contractors by the IRS. Since the IRS issued Private Letter Rulings for most of the captive companies, captive agents who filed SS-8’s found their appeal rejected immediately because of these Private Letter Rulings. Very few agents have actually read the 111-page Correspondence between AmFam and the IRS, nor have they read the summary American Family Private Letter Ruling so we are posting both of them for you. You will be interested to read about how little ‘control’ the company is supposed to have over the operation of your agency.
        Information in an Allstate Private Letter Ruling states that an independent contractor agent has an “economic interest” in the customer list, and agents will realize this ‘interest’ when they are either paid by a 3rd party for their business OR the agent receives termination benefits based on a formula designed to equal a fair market value of their accounts. [Paragraph 6 under Independent Contractor Phase, (Allstate Ruling)]
        This presumes a fiscal value which should allow an agent to claim capital gain when paid termination benefits. Even more interesting is the fact that AmFam issued a document that says “Formerly called Extended Earnings, the name was changed to “Termination Benefits.” These are payments made to the former agents not to compete.” (See SECA Kit)
        The non-compete clause applies for one year.The AmFam contract does not state that a customer list cannot be used after the one year because logic would dictate that you’d have to have in your possession a customer list in order to begin competing after the one year.

The 20 Common Law Factors of a Perfect Independent Contractor Relationship

Deliberately Misclassified? What Allstate Has In Common With FedEx!
This article appeared recently in the Allstate Agent Association’s Winter 2008/2009 issue of the FOCUS. The article deals with the ongoing question of whether captive agents are independent contractors or employees. We suggest you read this article carefully. You might find you are able to substitute American Family’s name each time you see Allstate’s name. Quoted from the article, “If it Quacks Like A Duck, It’s Probably a Duck.”  3/14/2008

Captive Agents, the Forgotten People!"
NAAFA is again honoring agents’ requests to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution regarding this article, but we think this is perhaps one of the best letters we have received which summarizes the position and fate of all captive agents in America. You won’t want to miss this!  2/28/2008

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