Guidelines for SECA Kit Availability:

The SECA Kit was updated on January 15, 2021 but updated MEMOs regarding tax issues are issued regularly. Those with active memberships who have received kits in the past should contact the NAAFA office to receive the updated kit. The success of this kit has been invaluable. As most of you know, the SECA Kit is just one of the benefits of being a NAAFA member. Any members who leave American Family (and qualify for Termination Benefits) should have the Kit before filing their taxes the first time. Understanding how and why you file as you do could save you thousands of dollars in penalties and fines by the IRS.

At issue with NAAFA has been the fact that some agents wait until after they retire to join NAAFA and ask for the Kit. NAAFA feels that members deserve the benefits of the Kit only if they have supported NAAFA for a number of years. We want to encourage agents to support NAAFA during their active years with the company. We need your support. It costs NAAFA hundreds of dollars and hours of time to produce and update the kit. It is only fair that NAAFA be reimbursed for this expense by your loyalty and longevity.

As a result, NAAFA asks for a donation of $500 for the Kit unless a member has had 3 full years of continuous (no lapse) membership. After the three full years of membership, the Kit is free. A new member would pay the first year's active membership rate ($276) up front and then the kit would immediately be available for the donation of $500. Or the new member who pays dues either monthly or semi-annually would have to wait until the beginning of the second year to become eligible to receive the Kit after donating $500.

As before, you must have a personal Email address to receive the SECA Kit. NAAFA asks that you honor confidentiality regarding the Kit. Do not share it with non-members. And be sure to tell your accountant that this kit must remain confidential and only used for your own tax preparation. As a member, you deserve all the benefits of being a member and the Kit is just one of them. JOIN NAAFA TODAY! BE PREPARED!!