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The Independent Contractor Guide and How to Find Work as an Independent Agent 1/7/16
How Allstate Plans to Outflank its Online Rivals! 11/18/13
Homeowners have Stormy Relationship with Adjusters! 10/4/13
AmFam Makes Another Direct Move: Buys Homesite for $616 Million! 9/6/13
American Family's 2012 Annual Report! 9/4/13
The Summer 2013 NAAFA Report! 8/17/13
Allstate Says Book Value to Rise on Cut in Employee's Retirement Benefits! 7/13/13
Car Insurance Satisfaction Slips as Rates Rise! 6/29/13
Three Insurance Companies Placed in Liquidation in Illinois 5/25/13
46 Insurers in Fortune 500 5/11/13
Judge Reduces Nationwide Agent's Jury Award! 3/10/13
5 Insurers Make List of Top 50 Companies for Executive Women! 2/8/13
The grass is always greener…or so they say... 2/8/13
AmFam's Purchase of the General - Another Slant 1/25/13
Ohio Jury Smacks Nationwide 11/9/12
American Family to buy The General... 9/26/12
The Glass Door 9/15/12
Two American Family Insurance  9/14/12
An Irate Customer Threatens Insurance Agent! 8/11/12
Do Insurance Brokers have to Offer the Cheapest Coverage? 8/25/12
7 Employer Danger Signs: “When to Turn Down a Job Offer” 7/23/12
The Future of Producer Compensation! 7/20/12
JD Power Ranks Insurers on Customer Service! 5/6/12
Why Agents & Customers Choose Higher-priced Insurers! 4/12/12
Allstate Agent Association (NAAPA) Votes Overwhelmingly to Affiliate with OPEIU 8/17/11
The NAAFA Survey Results are Here!  
Rumors Almost Always Have an Element of Truth! Are These Rumors Too Serious To Ignore?  
Begin To Decide Your Future Now!  
Allstate Agents Hope Unionization Sparks Changes at Insurer 7/27/11
JD Power and Associates Reports 7/27/11
Allstate Outlines Its Agent and Direct Distribution Strategies! 5/30/11
American Family Pays Arizona Homeowners $1.2M to Correct Mistake! 5/20/11
THE NEW YEAR—a time for reflection — an Agent’s Perspective!  
The 350 Most Admired Companies!> 3/11/11
JDPower Names Six Insurers Customer Service Champions! 2/26/11
Courts Allowing Private Facebook Posts as Evidence in Lawsuits! 2/24/11
Where is American Family in the JD Powers Survey? 8/7/10
Does American Family’s B- Rating Concern You? 
PRICE IS CRITICAL and this article definitely confirms it! 6/30/09
Personal Beliefs + Corporate Culture Produce Unethical Behavior 10/8/10
Where is American Family in the Market Force Information Survey? 10/2/10
The New Weiss Rating for American Family (B-) 8/21/10
5 Ways to Ensure Mediocrity in your Organization! 6/1/10
Jersey Shore' Scares Off Another Sponsor |! 1/2/10
Protect your Privacy on Facebook and Twitter! 10/3/09
How the Mighty Fall! 9/10/09
Do You Really Want to Join AmFam’s FACEBOOK Page? 7/11/09
Results of NAAFA Survey Regarding Loss of income! 6/15/08
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AmFam to Pay $1.2M to Brain Injury Victim after Denying Claim 10/29/13
AmFam sells Bldg in West Wichita 10/26/13
Ex-Ins Agent Enters Plea in Mail Fraud Case 9/25/13
AmFam Ending Health Ins-hurting our customers, too. 8/28/13
Travelers to Cut Auto Insurance Rates to Battle Competition 7/26/13
Dead Being billed for Life Ins. 6/24/13
Complaint Review: American Family Ins. 5/31/13
Home Ins Claimants Using Agents Happier Than Those Who Don't 4/13/13
AmFam Income up in 2012 3/8/13
NJ Gov Christie Says Fed Flood Ins Program is a Disgrace 2/15/13
Pru close to Buying Hartford Life 9/28/12
InsureZone Acquires MSI Group, Adds Agencies to Direct Program 9/10/12
ASNOA Welcomes New Partners in Missouri, Ill 9/9/12
AmFam Launches Online Home Inventory Service 7/28/12
Ten Best Auto Ins Websites (Where's AmFam?) 6/12/12
What to Expect if Supreme Court Strikes Down Obamacare! 4/27/12
P/C Insurers Face Obstacles on Road to Hard Mkt 3/5/12
Allstate Offers Claim Satisfaction Guarantee! 1/6/12
AmFam 3rd in Claims Satisfaction! 10/28/11
Small Businesses Feel Left Out! 9/28/11
Free Auto Ins: GM & MetLife Team Up! 7/30/11
Allstate Targets Online Ins. Sales! 5/22/11
AmFam's Salzwedel to Become Chairman, CEO! 2/11/11
Whistleblower Lawsuit against Allstate, Others Dismissed! 1/28/11
FEMA Announces Transition Flood Policy! 12/24/10
The Future of Class Actions on Wal-Mart Case Review! 12/11/10
NY Court Rules Against Agent Groups! 11/26/10
After Elections, New Commissioners Could Number 25! 11/6/10
Work of NAIC Will Continue Despite Turnover! 10/22/10
IRS/States Crackdown on Employers' Use of Indep Cont's 2/27/10
Why do your clients want you as their insurance agent! 10/20/10
Zurich Settles Class Action $455M! 10/7/10
Senate Extends Flood Ins for 1 Year! 10/2/10
Poor Service Leads to Fraudulent Ins Claims! 10/2/10
Supreme Court Justices May Weigh Obama Conquest! 4/2/10
Credit Scoring Alternatives examined by Some Insurers! 12/18/09
Car Insurance Rates Dropped in 2009! 12/11/09
California Agents Win Case Against State Farm! 11/13/09
3 States Accuse FedEx of Misclassifying Drivers as Indep. Contractors! 10/31/09
Allstate to agents: Bulk up! 10/10/09
IRS to Audit 6000 Companies to Test for Employment Tax Compliance! 10/3/09
Allstate to Pay $4.5 M to settle EEOC! 9/19/09
Insurance Legislation Surges This Year In Congress, Legislatures! 9/19/09
Can You Sue Your CEO? 8/29/09
Michigan Court Upholds Ban on Credit Scoring in Insurance! 8/1/09
Need for Federal Insurance Czar is Questioned! 7/11/09
Truly Listening to What Agents Have to Say! 6/30/09
Northwestern Mutual sued for $200 million! 6/30/09
Financial Crises is Biggest Risk Facing Insurance Market! 6/24/09
Protect Yourself from Insurance Fraud! 6/9/09
Life At American Family is Not At All Fun Anymore! 6/6/09
Study: Insurers’ Customer Retention Critical in Hard Economic Times! 5/2/09
Troubled Insurance Industry is Making Changes to Confront Critical Issues! 5/2/09
THE INFLUENCE GAME: Insurers eye new regulator! 4/25/09
The End of Private Health Insurance! 4/18/09
Say What You Mean: Character, Integrity, and Independent Agents! 4/11/09
AM Best Revised AmFam to Negative! 3/28/09
In Memory of Wayne Barber! 3/8/09
American Family Mut Ins Co 2008 Profile! 3/7/09
Midwest Storms Batter American Family! 3/6/09
American Family Reports Losses of Nearly $300 Million! 3/3/09
State Farm Sees Record Drop in Net Worth! 2/28/09
Allstate Cuts Dividend in Half, Ending 14 Year Streak! 2/28/09
American Family to Add 46 Jobs in Peoria! 2/28/09
AmFam One of Nine Homeowner Insurers Subpoenaed Over Use of Credit Scores! 1/23/09
Miracles Do Happen! 12/13/08
AIG restricts Exec Compensation, CEO gets a Dollar! 11/29/08
AIG to Terminate Voluntary Deferred Compensation Plans! 11/29/08
Top 5 Reasons Why "The Customer is Always Right" is wrong! 11/22/08
Treasury Dept Worries Insurers on Verge of Collapse! 11/15/08
Insurance Industry Faces a New Political Reality! 11/8/08
Agent Alert! AmFam Director Slams Agents and Plus System! 10/10/08
Social Security Benefits to Go Up by Larger-than-Usual Amount! 10/8/08
Ten Worst Insurance Companies! 9/6/08
Liberty Mutual Buys Safeco! 4/24/08
Federally Regulated Insurance? 4/5/08
Performance Based Exec Pay? 3/23/08
Farmers Ins Coming to Wisconsin 2/9/08
Colorado House Votes Against Credit Score Ban 1/31/08
AF Fires Top Financial Officer 1/26/08
Just A Quick Thought 1/26/08
Credit Scoring Class Action 1/26/08
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TWFG Acquires Ward Business Insurance: 12/13/13
Authorities Search for 2nd Person in Domestic Dispute with Shots Fired 9/25/13
Will 3rd Time be the Charm for National Producer Licensing Bill? 9/24/13
Insurance Costlier for Blue Collar Workers! 7/26/13
Car Insurance: Hidden Discounts Revealed: 7/13/13
Senator Hatch says Ins Firms Can Ease US Pension Crisis! 7/13/13
Mobile Insurance Agent who Accused Farmers of Lying Wins $2.4M Lawsuit! 4/6/13
Agents Hang Onto P/C Market But Lose Ground in Personal Auto! 3/16/13
TWGG's New Appointments bring Branch Mark near 300! 2/23/13
On which holiday is your vehicle most likely to be stolen? 1/11/13
Ohio Sidewalk Driver Does 'Idiot' Sign Time: 11/23/12
Insurance Company Plans Ohio Locations! 6/12/12
Allstate Ad Blitz Follows Sales Hit! 5/5/12
Insurance distributionis changing and agents should be prepared. 1/29/12
Allianz, AmFam & 15 Others Receive Ratings Updates! 12/20/11
Allstate Drops N Carolina HO's Who Insure Autos Elsewhere! 11/28/11
MO Pastor Pleads Guilty in Death of Congregant, a Farmers Ins Agent! 10/26/11
Nationwide to Acquire Harleysville Ins 9/29/11
Allstate Agents Assoc Votes on Guild! 7/22/11
4-Things Agents Should Do To Avoid E&O Claims! 7/1/11
Wells Fargo Settles Sex Discrimination Claims for $32 Million! 6/15/11
Iowa Man Accused of Beating up Boss, An Insurance Agency Owner! 4/29/11
See where AmFam ranks in P & C market share, according to NAIC! 3/4/11
Allstate, State Farm Workers Arrested in Roles in Auto Fraud! 10/15/10
$4M Home Insured by American Family for 8 Days Burns in Des Moines! 8/30/10
Why isn’t American Family on Ward’s List of Top 50 Performing P/C Insurers?! 7/30/10
Obama Signs Bill Extending Flood Program! 7/09/10
Dangerous Dog Owner Must Insure it for $50K! 7/02/10
Allstate Denies Agents' Group Claim it Plans to Cut 3300! 2/06/10
Allstate to Shed Agents! 2/06/10
Review: American Family Insurance! 1/09/10
Michigan Court Upholds Ban on Credit Scoring in Insurance! 9/02/08
Florida Insurance Salesman’s Shoe Found in Stomach of Slain Bear! 8/30/08
American National Hit With $66M Jury Award! 8/16/08
Farmers Adds Pets to Auto Policies! 8/9/08
AmFam Wins 1st Place in Insurance Journal’s 2008 Super Regional P/C Insurers! 7/7/08
Do Gas Prices Drive Auto Insurance Rates Up? 7/7/08
State Regulators Call for More Study of Credit Scoring Use in Insurance! 6/7/08
State Farm Faces Class Action Law Suit! 5/23/08
State Farm Leads in Customer Satisfaction 2/23/08
New Study Shows Investors View Securities Arbitration as Biased and Unfair! 5/5/08